Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Not a lot of depth

Reading Tam's post on the most-played songs on her iPod made me uncomfortably certain 'eclectic' was not a word that could in any way be applied to my own list. And, well, I was right:

  • Jesus is Cryin'
  • Finger on the Trigger
  • Don't Fade Away
  • American Saint
  • Back to You
(All of those are Bleu Edmondson. I would happily listen to that man sing the phone book.)
  • Another Like You, Hayes Carll and Carey Ann Hearst
  • The Echo
  • Another Morning After
  • You Call it Trouble
(More Bleu Edmondson.)
  • Long Gone to Saskatchewan, Corb Lund
  • Resurrection (Oh, hell, GUESS.)
  • Steer Rider's Blues
  • Horse Doctor Come Quick
  • Rye Whiskey/Time to Switch to Whiskey
(Those last three are also Corb Lund.)

What can I say? I like both kinds of music: country and western.

Really, I like to think of myself as a specialist. Erik? He's the generalist. I totally do not share his concerns with being thought to have broad tastes.

(Also, I'm kind of really not a technophile. I have four whole albums on my iPod right now. Once I get the computer thing addressed, I'll add the rest of the music on it, and more besides. But my most-played isn't going to get any more varied.)

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Tawny Kay said...

hey!! That's a dang good playlist if you ask me! I love Cary Ann Hearst TONS and I'm checking out Blue Edmondson right now, I'm always looking for new country, and I'm enjoying this! Thanks for posting.