Saturday, December 18, 2010

This is the logical continuation of gun control

Y'know how we keep coming across stories of kids getting in trouble for toy guns because of idiotic "zero tolerance" policies?

Australia takes the stupidity to a whole new level:

POLICE pulled their guns on a 12-year-old boy playing in a yard in the Northern Territory because they thought he was hiding behind a fence with a rifle.

The "weapon" was a broken 1m-long curtain pole with black duct tape, the Northern Territory News reports.

At least five officers sped to the scene in two paddy wagons and a blue patrol car.
They jumped out of their vehicles, two of them drawing their guns, and urged the boy to drop his weapon.
He was told to sit down on the footpath and then a police officer put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him down," Ms Mahoney said.

Give the police credit, they did apparently figure out what was going on quickly enough, but damn.  Way to encourage imaginative play, folks!


JD said...

They don't want imaginative play, that leads to imaginative adults. . . they want drones to work and pay their taxes and be good little serfs. . .

Anonymous said...

Gosh, people are just becoming more stupid by the day.

Montie said...

You know, we get calls like this all the time. Thank God most of my guys have enough common sense not to go overboard on stuff like this, even though we are in the middle of gangbanger central.

Forty plus years ago, my brothers and I (along with the rest of the kids in the neighborhood) used to run around armed to the teeth with our Mattel tommy-guns shooting it out with each other on full-auto, roll-cap smoke swirling about. I wonder what response that stuff would get these days.