Monday, December 20, 2010

I wonder how some folks remember how to breathe

I had Glenn Beck's show on very briefly this morning.  I usually listen to the whole thing--well, as much of it as is left after I wake up, anyway--but today I think I listened to maybe 90 seconds.  Why?  Well, Joe Pags was guest hosting, and the subject was the repeal of DADT.  In about a minute and a half he read off an e-mail or two about the horror that is openly homosexual soldiers showering with openly heterosexual soldiers of the same sex.  He said it was a real issue.

This probably won't ease the minds of the homophobes, but it's the truth: if you were in the military and showered in an open bay with other people of the same sex, you showered with gay people.

The repeal of DADT doesn't mean heteros are suddenly going to be butt-raped.  Guess what, y'all?  You're just not irresistible.  Joe Homo being able to have a picture of his boyfriend in his wallet doesn't mean he's going to start hitting on heterosexuals.

And as for the issue of the UCMJ...There are plenty of straight folks who violate the prohibition on sodomy left, right, and center.  See, sodomy doesn't just mean buttsecks.  It also means oral sex.  So if you were in the military and your wife/girlfriend/friend to all sailors on the pier ever gave you a BJ, you committed a UCMJ violation.  Repealing DADT only means the military will conveniently ignore it when gays violate that section, just like they do when heteros violate it.  Even if the UCMJ prohibition really did apply only to what a lot of people think it applies to, it is 100% possible to be gayer than RuPaul and never cross that particular line, even if you're a dude.

Bottom line?  Most military men I've met in my time won't give a damn.  The few who do would be better served to quit thinking about gay sex and go back to thinking about their jobs.  You can totally check out the porn once you're off a government computer.


suz said...

More bullshit Fox Fear. Surely you're not surprised.

Bushwack said...

Seriously the DADT issue is so stupid it hurts...First off and this is really the pisser, why is it so important for the gay folks to be "Openly GAY? should we now start being "Openly Heterosexual" Should we start wearing shirts that label us by our sexual desires?

I don't give a damn if your gay or not gay, but I find it ridiculous that a sexual preference is how you wish to be known...

Also I worry about the next step. The gay agenda, much like every lefty issue is never satisfied. The new cry will be "I was reprimanded because I am gay" the new cause will be there needs to be a quota of gays in each unit. (These are just possible not saying it's going to happen) then there's the morale issue with some, say it's 10% of Marines who have a serious issue with it, that's a lot of soldiers that are now going to branded as Homophobes by their own as they are fighting to protect them.. This, again I say shouldn't even be a damn issue....BE gay, have fun but keep what you do in private private.