Friday, January 01, 2010


Oddly, I'm not in much of a mood to mull over 2009. Thanks to the Pistolero, 2009 goes down as a red-letter year on the personal front, and 2010 will only be better. Nevertheless, I saw this over at Atomic Nerds, and it seemed like a fun idea, so I'm inflicting it on y'all too.

First post of each month, first line of the post, and added commentary.

January Training up the next generation of do-nothings. A short while ago, I checked out from the library a book called Hey Day by "Super Clea" and "Keva Marie". I should really never even touch books written using idiotic pseudonyms, should I? The best part of the post comes from Dave's comment:I love dispatching letters to people in charge but at the end of the day if you aren't willing to really do something, the letters are a waste, and the people you write them to know it."

February The Hero Factory I'm really just killing time online instead of looking for my keys. I have no clue what I was doing the night before that I lost my keys. But hey, the Hero Factory thing is fun, right?

March My kids are now all prime numbers. Bobbie Catharine Doyle was born 7 years ago today. For whatever reason, this post has proven to be one of the more popular search engine results. Lots of folks out there searching Google for "prime numbers for kids" or some variant. With Esther's birthday at the end of October, they're no longer prime numbers. Sometimes I try to work out when they will be again, but I haven't figured it out yet. Math bores me shitless, frankly.

April Someone who actually lives *in* San Antonio, do me a favor. Go to one of the many fora featuring the mayoral candidates & if they ever shut up about the 281/1604 interchange, stand up and ask them what they intend to do for the REST of the city. Yeah, they never shut up about it. You'd think this interchange is the ONLY one in the city with any issues. Meanwhile, the east side continues to fall apart, in infrastructure, economics, and people, but meh.

May The jokes, they write themselves. Yesterday my mother saw a very large rat downtown. My shortest post ever, I think. Still, I expected it to get somewhat of a response. True story: a friend of a friend is a staffer for Mary Alice Cisneros. She's paying for him to have a minor form of plastic surgery, as she finds the acne scars on his face to apparently be a personal affront.

June. Oh, what a waste of time. This is Bobbie's last week of school. Note to self: start looking for a better charter school NOW. New Frontiers's record in things like Reading and Math isn't heartwarming. Bobbie isn't getting the spelling help she needs, and has told me her teacher frequently ignores her when she raises her hand. Still, it was a better choice than the local "normal" government school.

July. You, sir, are a wuss. Coming out of teh Wal-Mart this evening, we were confronted with a gigantic SUV parked on the sidewalk. I still see this sort of thing from time to time. Twits.

August. Stupid tourists. Fred, who understands that the way to a girl's heart is through a savvy grasp of international politics, pointed me toward this story this morning: They're up for trial now, I gather. And I am certain they will return--if they return--still singing the praises of the regime.

September Heads OUT of the sand! I'm in an argument on Facebook right now over a link I posted that one of my friends re-posted. Eh, screw added commentary over this one. Instead, check out Alex Horton's blog. It should be required reading.

October One of the great things about the internet. Rhetorical questions are always answered. Of course, he was talking about me. Best comment on his end? "What do you do? You hit it like a caveman!!!" SpeakerTweaker FTW!

November Devotion My baby's birthday is Thursday (c'mon, y'all: "Awww"). I'm sitting on his love seat right now. I've spent the whole week down here, and I don't have to leave 'til Sunday. I'd do the 24-hour turnaround thing again, but I'm glad to have plenty of rest in between road trips. That drive is one that seems as if it will NEVER end.

December Stuff. My at-home internet is out yet again. Yeah. We're on our third cable modem. It's irksome, at best. I have one all-internet course in the Spring term, and one hybrid course. I dropped one of my Pysch courses (don't recall which offhand) in favor of Creative Writing: Topics. Not with Prof. Tscalis, unfortunately.

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