Sunday, March 01, 2009

My kids are now all prime numbers.

Bobbie Catharine Doyle was born 7 years ago today. So my kids are now 7, 5, & 3. Not sure when they'll all be primes again. Not for a good long while. (When Bobbie is 11, Linda will be 9; when she's 13, Linda will be 11, but Esther will be 9...) I'm enough of a nerd I actually care about things like this.

I was 22 when Bobbie was born. That sounds so young, but I had been married more than three years by then, and we had been trying to get me pregnant for 15 months by the time I got pregnant with her.

This is the first split birthday we've had since the divorce was final. Bobbie was with Rob until about 1730, & she's been with me since. We're delaying her party until tomorrow. She wants to go on a picnic, so we will go to the park. I was able to convince her to get the doll-in-a-cake. I've been trying to convince the girls to go with that for a while, but no one ever wants it. (Note that's not her actual cake, just a random one that Google pulled up.)

She's sitting on my bed surrounded by gifts, & there will be more tomorrow. I let her open six when she got home, and she's supposed to be picking out where we go for dinner. So it's all good. I'm happy. She's happy. I'm failing in my public-school-mom duties, 'cause I'm not planning to take in cupcakes. I was going to, but completely forgot to ask permission.

There will be pix within the next 48 hours.

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