Saturday, March 23, 2013

There is a common thread here, people.

In Steubenville, Ohio a while back, a girl got drunk off her ass at a party and some football players thought it would be cute to rape her and apparently videotape it and pass it around on the Internet.

Sane people everywhere were rightly disgusted, and when CNN and other news agencies talked about how sad it was these football players had their lives ruined because they decided to be selfish criminals with zero respect for any other person, there was righteous outrage.

What the hell was wrong with society, people wondered.  How are we so broken as a people that teenage boys can do disgusting things to a teenage girl in front of a roomful of people and not only do people defend them, but they threaten the girl they victimized?

How, indeed.

And then yesterday some bottom-feeding scum of little kids confronted a woman and her baby in Georgia and they had gun and the advice enlightened liberals give us is to just give them what they want but she didn't have what they wanted, so these selfish criminals with zero respect for any other person shot a baby in the face.

And the liberals blame the gun.

And there is no cognitive dissonance.

You know what leads football players to rape a teenage girl?  Pathological self-absorption so thorough that the person in question doesn't see other people as, well, human.

You know what causes teenagers/preteen thugs to shoot a baby in the face? Pathological self-absorption so thorough that the person in question doesn't see other people as, well, human.

And this, this is the failure of modern liberalism.  Excuse me, progressivism.  There is an apparent inability to realize that there is a common thread to these stories.  There is violence--very different violence, but violence nonetheless--in each case.  There is an action particularly revolting to sane individuals in each case.  For some reason, though, society is only the problem in the first one, not the second.  A tool is the problem in the second case.

My only remaining question is this: Are these people really this fucking stupid?  Has an irrational hatred of one certain object truly clouded their perception that fully?

If this is true, then we're doomed.  If you can't fucking look and see that pathological self-absorption is pathological self-absorption no matter its expression, than you're not going to be able to fix it.  In either case.  Because you're going to say to yourself "Well yeah, those football players stuck their fingers in the vagina of a passed-out teenage girl, but at least they didn't shoot a baby in the face" and then magically there's no problem to be solved.


Mattexian said...

I think you nailed it. In a similar note, the latest news about the mindset of the shooter in Connecticut is that the children and teachers he shot would be worth more points in a video game. This definitely fits in with your "victim is less than human" mindset of high-profile criminals.

Borepatch said...

There's a reason I think you're one of the smartest people I read. This was an example.

Not the only example, mind you, but a good one.

Anonymous said...

The difference is fear, in this case the fear of the unknown, dangerous object. Liberals do not operate on logic or reason, the operate on feeling and emotion. That's why the debate cannot ever be resolved - their rules are different...

The Lab Manager said...

Well, liberals (and conservatives) have no problem voting for sociopaths.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

I have seen a lot of liberals keep pushing the idea that what we need to prevent more Stubenville-like incidents is to add a lot of Women's Studies classes in high school.

And they seriously believe that this will help. I think you've captured it perfectly--the problem is that there are monsters running around wearing human skin, completely lacking in any sort of empathy or care for other people.

I don't know how to make evil stop existing, but that is the root of the problem. Some people are just evil. If there were actual punishments for crimes,and the punishments were actually carried out, maybe it would at least have a deterrent effect--maybe mandatory castration for sex offenders.

We aren't going to eliminate the existence of evil, but maybe we can at least scare it enough that it backs into a corner and shits itself whenever it thinks of something bad to do.