Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Yesterday's Conversation

As we were driving around:

"Also, the tax refund should fill up the gun fund."
"Yeah.  Man, I want to buy another gun."
"What do you want to get?"
"You know what I want to get.  What's the answer to 'Glock vs. 1911 and you want to get some'?"
"Yeah, but it's not that simple.  For all I know you could want to buy a revolver because you don't have one, or a long gun because you only have one, or something a bit smaller for concealed carry since I also want you to get your CHL."
"Oh, yeah..."

(He's now window-shopping online.)


Anonymous said...

LOLOL. Posts like this are why I married you, honey. :-) Well, one reason, anyway!

JD said...

All I can say is Dude, you are one luck SOB. . . . . Wish my wife thougth like that. . . .

Albatross said...

My vote is for 1911.

That is, of course, if you already have a Beretta 92.

Of course.

Anonymous said...

Every man must dream of women like us!!! Beautiful, smart and we love guns...what more is there to want?