Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is what passes for scientific?

(Who knew cloth diaper message boards were going to provide me with so much blog fodder?)

There was discussion earlier of high heels...Someone said that they can be bad for your fertility if you wear them too often.  This was her supporting link: High heels could cause fertility problems.

Now, I don't mean to pick on this mama in particular, so after a brief comment I dropped it.  But I'm going to mock the article in question, 'cause really?  Stupidity abounds.

High heels force the lower back outwards, causing a forward tilt in the pelvis. With the pelvis at an awkward angle, the inner organs tend to get squished together in an unnatural manner. Some scientists believe this may cause some damage to the female reproductive system because this can slow down the gastric functions which leads to menstrual dysfunction and can ultimately impair fertility.
 So here we have "some" scientists who believe that "some damage" may be caused to the female reproductive system due to the (very real, by the way) posture changes.  Granted, this is essentially a blog post, and not written--at least, I dearly HOPE it is not written--by anyone claiming to be in the slightest bit scientifically inclined, but her source isn't any better:

Wearing heels 'can damage fertility.'

You go to that link and you find that "some scientists" actually one personal trainer:

Heels, particularly if they are over five inches high, force the wearer to adopt an "unnatural" posture which can prevent them from conceiving, personal trainer Dax Moy said.
Now, I don't mean to knock kinesiology majors here.  Met some nice ones while taking First Aid last year.  But do you know what's required to become a personal trainer?  Declaring yourself to be one.

Or, to put it more plainlly: personal trainer =/= scientist.  By any stretch of the imagination.

Although, really, if a crappy blog post saying that "some" scientists say that "some" damage can be caused by stripper heels (and really, it is stripper heels--you do not run into women on the street in 6" heels these days) will prompt a woman to confidently say "high heels ruin your fertility if you wear them too much", is it any wonder anthropogenic global warming has such a rabid following?


Albatross said...

I laugh when such rubbish is passed off as science and/or serious journalism. Thanks for my daily chuckle.

suz said...

"..squished together.." Don't you just hate it when experts use arcane technical terms to sound smart?

Dave said...

All science (ahem) aside, I think many men who see strippers and streetwalkers in 5-inch heels are hoping that they have a reduced fertility, ya know what I mean? Wink, wink?