Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh, teh noez

Parking lot repaving = voter intimidation.

Y'all should have heard the yelling on the radio.  And the calls for a federal investigation.  Into repaving.  Because, obviously, repaving (and so closing) half the parking lot in a part of the city where a huge portion of the population doesn't even own a car is tantamount to burning crosses.  Or something.

Nevermind that you can vote early ANYWHERE in the city.  Nevermind that the voter count was down Wednesday by fewer than 40 people.  Nevermind that there are numerous polling places in this city where parking is severely limited or nonexistent--the Justice Center, Via's Transit Center offices, the McCreless branch library...

Newp, it's pure voter intimidation. 


the pistolero said...

I'm sure George W. Bush had something to do with this. Oh, and Karl Rove too.

Albatross said...

Linked on SinSA.

Good catch, Sabra. T.C. Calvert is nothing if he's not stirring people up. Oh, and the Observer is his paper.

Charlene said...

Not being an elected official of any kind, Karl Rove wouldn't have anything to do with it "directly". He'd raise money from secret corporations and create media ads to elect the person who did something about the closing of your parking lots. :o)