Saturday, August 14, 2010

I should leave this for Albatross, but I'm not gonna.

From the Express-News: 

Man opens fire on officers at bar.

There's nothing in the headline that looks particularly odd, and the story itself is fairly mundane as well.  Called to a disturbance half an hour after last call, police are shot at by a dude in a Mustang.  (No one is injured.)  A pursuit ensues, the guy wrecks his car and runs.  So far, still 100% normal as far as this sort of thing goes.

Then, the kicker:

Police mistook a shirtless passerby — covered in sweat and unsteady on his feet — for the shooter after he was spotted lumbering down the street, punching mailboxes near the scene of the crash.
The man was surrounded by officers, their guns drawn, as he urinated on a bush. He was taken into custody for public intoxication.

I bet that was the fastest wee he ever took in his life...

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Albatross said...

Ha! I totally missed it. But you're getting the credit for it.