Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yes I do, and I'm damn good at it.

I guess it's inevitable.  Hit kid #5 (pregnancy #6), and someone will ask you "Don't you know what causes that?"

Given the surface stupidity of the question, I am forced to assume it is asked out of honest ignorance.  And so, I have decided to answer the question, with the assistance of drawings of questionable quality:

Now, I'll admit that this is a grossly oversimplified answer, but it covers the basics.  (And yes, I realize full well that that's a vulva up there, not a vagina, but you try to draw something hidden inside the body from the outside & tell me how it goes.)

If ever you are prompted to ask a pregnant woman if she knows what causes her condition, refer back to this drawing to remind yourself.


Mattexian said...

My cousin's wife might need to print this out to pass out to idiots. She ran into an old friend at the store, and mentioned she was 7 months along, and the friend said something to the effect of, "Oh stop lying and just accept that you're fat and you need to lose weight!" Altho my cousin's wife could have just chalked it up to "Wal-Mart Rage" if she'd decked the dumb girl!

Ruth said...

oh thats awesome....(the answer, not the above mentioned idiot at walmart)

Julie said...

wonder if printing this on a t-shirt would be considered 'improper'