Monday, April 16, 2012

Random Monday Thoughts

  • This post was originally going to be titled "Random Saturday Thoughts", which should tell you something about how little motivation I have right now.  I'm not too sure how to think at the moment, to be honest.  I keep thinking I've been this sick while pregnant before, but I'm really not sure.  Pregnancy in your thirties just isn't pregnancy in your twenties.
  • I made the horrible mistake of teaching the girls the "Little Bunny Fu-Fu" song Easter Sunday, and now they won't shut up with it.
  • Speaking of the pregnancy thing, there is a running joke that if this one is a boy, I'll probably get so confused I'll diaper the wrong end.
  • When I was younger, I thought twins would be cool.  Now? I'm glad they don't run in the family.  One newb is quite enough work.  
  • Marie is adding new words almost daily.  She says "Daddy!" and "Bobbie!" and "Doggy!" and "CAT!", and just added "Happy!"  Her first word was "Zizzy!"  She does exclaim everything.  What doesn't she say?  "Mommy."  Pfft.
  • None of my standbys for drinks are working this time around.  No Big Red.  Erik still loves to tell the story about how we went out in a tropical storm to buy me more Big Red when I was pregnant with Marie.  Nowadays that would be Diet Limeade or Diet A&W.
  • Politics is just depressing me lately.  Among the things I lack the energy for: arguing with people who refuse to see reason.  Not too long ago, when I pointed out that George Zimmerman will be tried on the merits of his story, rather than what the media thinks happened, I was immediately called a racist.  The accuser's proof?  That I was angered at being called racist.  I shit you not.  
  • A depressing number of people are buying into the Republican War on Women bullshit.  The only response I can summon to this is "How much of a fucking idiot are you, exactly?", so I'm avoiding the argument when I can.
  • Since my husband has a degree in Communications and I thrived in Journalism class way back when, I figured Intro to Mass Communications would be a fun little easy A class.  I should have known, right?  The textbook is not only breathtakingly biased, it's even more out-of-date.  And it's a 2008 edition.  They've added in some things, but not deleted, updated, or corrected much of anything.  So we're all listening to podcasts on our Walkmans while we write web logs and HuffPo is somehow relevant.
  • In related news, I just had to read HOWL! for my Intro to Lit Crit class.  Dear Lord, what a shitty, shitty poem.  I actually looked forward to reading it.  I am unbelievably na├»ve at times.  I have long had this theory that at least half of modern art is folks trying to see how much bullshit they can get critics to swallow.  I'm now forced to expand that theory to literature.
  • Speaking of podcasts, I do find myself listening to the Squirrel Report on a weekly basis.  Podcasts don't typically interest me, but for some reason listening to Alan, Breda, and/or JayG & Weer'd is the most hilarious fucking thing imaginable.  
  • Linda, apparently, forgot how good KFC original recipe chicken is.  While eating dinner, she excitedly told me it's even better than Bill Miller's.
  • Dave recently did a post on Uncle Barney's Burgers, which is attached to the Hungry Farmer.  I've only been to the steakhouse once, and the service was so horrible I swore never to return, but he made the burgers sound good enough that's where Erik and I went for our ritual Sunday lunch.  We replicated the orders in Dave's post, albeit not on purpose.  Unlike Dave, I wasn't impressed with the onion rings, but that could have been my funky tasting ability.  Unlike Eva, I did not get a granola bar with my burger--instead, I got animal crackers.  Seems that when you order the chili cheeseburger, you get something from the grab bag.  Dave actually forgot to mention the two most important things--ice tea refills, and only ice tea refills, are free, and THE MUSIC DOESN'T SUCK.  I think the worst song we heard while we were there was "Coward of the County."
  • Speaking of sucky music...I never thought I'd find myself feeling like any sort of an Ashton Kutcher fan, but his feudlet with Justin Moore has myself cheering him on.  Apparently, Kutcher was a presenter at the ACMs, and he wore a Western suit and did a poor rendition of a George Strait song.  For this, Moore and several others have decided Kutcher was mocking country music.  Mind you, Moore et all had no problem with Lionel Ritchie, Bono, or fucking KISS apparently being at the same award show.  None of that was mocking country music.  Ashton Kutcher wearing a Western suit?  Now that's insulting country music.  The actor's response to this? “I grew up idolizing the style of Highway Men, Hank, Merle, Patsy Cline, Dolly. Starting to wonder if new country just doesn’t get it. Justin Moore calls it mocking I call it respecting your Elders. Maybe that’s old fashion. Know when to fold em brother…”


Borepatch said...

Marie may not say "mommy" yet, but she sure will remember it when she gets older.

But you know that already. ;-)

Mattexian said...

I think I've remarked elsewhere, that I've already accepted that I'm gonna be accused of being a racist, simply because I'm white, so I go ahead and say what's on my mind, including those "inappropriate" jokes that float thru my mind at work, and chalk it up to being blunt. It can't be much worse than some of the jokes from Chris Rock and Bill Cosby. Hell, sometimes I'm quoting *them*!

Ruth said...

Pretty much what Mattexian said. I can't count the number of times I've been called racist because "she's white and she told me to go to a different desk!!!" yah, cause my line is 10 people deap and you're standing at the closed register insisting that I help you there, when I am in no way going to cut you infront of all the folks who've been waiting patiently so you can get yourself down to one of the empty registers down the row that actually has a cashier at it. Trust me, the color of your skin didn't register half as much as your self important idiocy.

Oh, and be glad it was just Little Bunny Fufu. It coulda been The Song that Never Ends....that was my favorite to annoy my brother with.

Albatross said...

I have long had this theory that at least half of modern art is folks trying to see how much bullshit they can get critics to swallow.

Having obtained two degrees in liberal arts, I can attest from personal experience that this statement is largely true, except that I would add "and anybody else" after "critics".

I'm now forced to expand that theory to literature.

Maybe not so much as in the visual arts, but also true to a certain extent for literature. Especially when it comes to stream of consciousness anything. That's a good technique, but only if it is used sparingly, and if it helps augment the story that's being told. Stream of consciousness by itself is not enough to qualify as art.