Saturday, March 03, 2012

February Photos, Wrapping it Up

I got all the photos on time, I just got distracted by other things (Bobbie is ten now!) and so haven't thrown them up here yet.  Important stuff tomorrow--well, later on Saturday.  Pictures now.

Day 27: Something You Ate
Isn't this a strange thing?  Very close to dinner.  I strongly suspect the fellow who came up with this photo challenge was rather drunk.  Anyhow:

Yeah, we're high class like that.  That day was chilly and rainy; I bought the girls an after school snack at McD's & let them have the run of the PlayPlace for about half an hour.  Cheap fun.

Day 28--Money
Oh, do I find this vapid.  I don't put a lot of worth in money.  Nonetheless, I was a good girl & took a picture of some money:
I am sure I missed the boat on the possibility for deeper meaning here by taking a photograph of the tip I left for the waitress at Golden Corral.  The only thing interesting about this--other than this being the first time the service has been good enough to merit a non-buffet-size tip--is that Linda picked this money up out of the floor in my room.  I gave her a dollar.  She's avaricious.  I think it will benefit her in her life.  My lack of interest in money hasn't exactly led to what most would consider success.  (As I've said, though, I am what I wanted to be when I grew up, and not a whole lot of people can say that.)

Day 29--What I'm Listening To
Well, this isn't a photograph per se.  It's a screen cap.  But it's what I'm listening to more often than not, so it's what you get:
The odd thing about this is, that's not actually the song that was playing when I took the screen cap.  I'm not sure what was, actually.  The "now playing" section of this little pop up (and their website) is wrong more often than not.  I was really hoping that the site's redesign would address this issue, but it does not seem to have occurred to them.  I've actually seen a few website redesigns lately which left huge issues completely unaddressed.  I really don't understand the point in putting money into something of the sort unless it really improves things.  Looks are important, yes, but functionality should be paramount.  Isn't that one of those things I shouldn't have to emphasize, because it should be very basic and understood by anybody who can reach the internet?

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