Monday, February 27, 2012

Catching up: February Photos Days 24, 25, 26

I am slacking on this so much, I know.  You'd think a picture a day--easy, right.  Guaranteed post.  Or, I thought that.  And I have actually taken a picture every single day.  Just haven't posted them daily.  Which is probably for the best, because this way they won't clog everything up.

Day 24: Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet

Y'know, the strangest things give indication of socioeconomic class.  Apparently, the presence or lack of a bathroom cabinet is one of them.  I have no bathroom cabinet--no medicine cabinet.  Instead, there is a shelf between the toilet & the tub.  This is the top shelf, where I keep most of my stuff (the middle shelf is the one with the reading material, by the by)...
 OK, actually a lot of this stuff is not mine.  Particularly the Nair in the back (the two pink bottles) and the razors toward the center.  Fun fact: one of these items is no longer there.  You do not get a prize for guessing which.

Day 25: Green

No real rhyme or reason to this one.  I was just photographing this quickie crochet project yesterday (it's a baby; I gave it to Bobbie), and realized afterward that the background, which is Esther's frog blanket, is the color of the day...
 The pattern can be found here, by the way.  It was just something fast and cute.  I drew the face on with Linda's markers.  Not sure why I've never done that before.  It actually works really well.

Day 26: Night

So I said to myself, I said "Self, this one is easy.  You can see so many stars out here.  Just go outside and take a picture of the stars!"

I forgot to check the weather report.  It's cloudy.  After several false starts--the ISO setting on my camera for some reason is giving everything a red cast--I came up with this:

Yeah, Baby Girl stays up late.  I'm okay with this, because it means she sleeps late.  She starts getting antsy for Daddy around the time he gets off work.  She will run and stand by the door when she hears the truck, and she was delighted when I took her outside.  She had her minute of cuddling with Erik, and then of course had to come right back to me.

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