Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Song #8

I've actually been meaning to post this song for a few weeks now.  Well, actually this video has two songs, from the same artist of course, and with much the same subject. 

There's really no intro needed for Gary P Nunn; he's one of the Texas artists, part of the Holy Trinity so far as I am concerned (the other two being Joe Ely & Ray Wylie Hubbard, of course).  He was a Sunday Song bonus a while back.

These are a couple of good summertime songs: "Guadalupe Days" and "Road Trip."  Both sing the praises of the Hill Country.  Central Texas is probably the nicest part of the State (and I say that as someone who grew up in south Texas); with the Comal and Guadalupe rivers and the hills and the trees...It's just fantastic.

On to the video:

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