Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Munchkin Blogging #4

It rained here today.  Just a tiny bit: Don went bust, or at least was too far away from here to do us much good.  Nevertheless, the kids went out and played in the little shower we did get, and I took Rie out to get rained on.  She was calm throughout.  She hates baths but loves showers, and I think she thought she was taking a shower.  She even stuck her tongue out a little bit like she does in the shower, and her wet hair was so cute I had to get a picture of it when we came back in.

She's wearing a gDiaper in this photo, by the way.  They're about the only cloth diapers I can find in the stores around here, and only at Whole Foods or Central Market (CM, for some reason, only carries smalls).  And even then, they don't carry the cloth liners, only the disposable ones.  And, well, if I wanted to throw away diapers, I wouldn't be using cloth.  So I stuff these with the allegedly-useless Gerber flats Wal-Mart occasionally sells.  They work well.  For some reason they're mostly reviled in the cloth diaper universe; I strongly suspect it's because of the cost (I pad $27 or $28 for a two-pack).  If you don't put at least $20 on your kid's butt, you don't love her.  Or something.

I also took this picture before going outside.  This swimsuit was not my idea; their father sent them home with it today; for some reason he thought it was Bobbie's size!  Esther is certainly losing her babyness, but slowly.  For which I am grateful.

I have a video of Marie dancing on Facebook that I'm going to try to share here, but I don't know if it will work or not.  I've never had a baby who dances before.  It's mostly just a little shimmy, but it's adorable, and clearly a dance.  Let's see...

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kx59 said...

I was just asking Belle what became of TS Don. I was sure SA would get drenched. Belle said it just petered out. So I came to check your blog, and so it is confirmed