Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I'm having a brain fart

Or something.

You ever have a few days/weeks where it seems like good stuff is happening for everyone else but you?  Yeah, I'm there right now.  I know that there's always more going on behind the scenes and that some people are merely putting on a good front and the rest of them worked really fucking hard to get where they are, but I'm still in stasis so I'm annoyed with myself and envious of everyone else's good "luck."

I need to get on that post I promised y'all this past weekend; I just have zero motivation right now.

Oh, I do need to announce that my youngest daughter was apparently born in a tent in Kenya.  Either that or Hawaii is terminally incompetent at record keeping.  Either way, I don't have a birth certificate for her and or a chance of getting a copy any time soon.  Fun times to come at registration.

I'll be back once there's a better ratio of Diet Coke to blood in my system.

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