Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Stuff

So this past week I shocked the hell out of myself by getting a 90 on my logic final, finishing up one more semester at SAC (I am half-tempted to stay there for eternity, but they'd probably eventually force me to graduate).  So I have the long (hah!) summer stretching out before me and the need to get shit done, so I shall make a public, mockable GSD list here on mein Blog:

1) Get caught up on my crochet projects
  • finish the shawl I'm making for a gift
  • finish up my Lent project (eep!)
  • finish up a box o' stuff for Kristen's 1st birthday that I had promised her mom for her birth
  • maybe get back to Etsy on a small level
2) Get caught up on my writing
  •  get that short story submitted now that submissions are back open
  • get the novel rolling again
  • get back into Associated Content
  • keep on blogging somewhat regularly
3) Improve household stuff
  • find a better house keeping routine than ignoring it until the way it looks annoys me and cleaning manically
  • get a 5-year plan written out
  • possibly pull a job out of my ass (depending on a) convincing my boobs they really want to work with a pump this time around & b) convincing Marie that milk from a bottle is as good as milk from the tap)
So, there's my GSD list.  Short, but fairly complex.


Borepatch said...

Your grade doesn't surprise me at all. You and Tam are two of the smartest people I know on the 'Net.

Lisa Fine said...


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