Friday, May 13, 2011

Ah, crap, more trouble with the free ice cream machine

My own personal one, that is.  Miss Bobbie broke my cardinal rule of NOT reaching over my keyboard when there's a drink anywhere around, and spilled a little bit of water on my Compaq.

It was only a tiny bit, and I flipped the computer over immediately and unplugged it and caught the little bit of visible water left over with a diaper.  Probably didn't turn it off fast enough, though, and at any rate it's not the visible water that is ever a problem.

The damage thus far appears to be minimal.  The O key has been taken out, but the other letters are fine.  Unfortunately, the backspace appears to be toast too, and not toast in that "not working" way but in that "makes believe I'm hitting other keys" way (and of course I could have sworn that all the water was further down...), so the impact far outweighs the scope.  As I said in the last post, I touch-type, and that means a non-functioning O key plus malfunctioning backspace key actually screw things up pretty thoroughly.

I'm on Erik's computer right now, while I pray the Compaq will magically fix itself.  Or else I will have to limp along over summer (probably with an auxiliary keyboard) until I can get another super-cheap laptop come Pell Grant season.  Dammit.


JD said...

Check on line, you can find new laptop keyboards and how to replece them. Not very hard, I have had to replace a few my son got to. . . .. just a thought and cheaper than a new laptop. . . Good Luck

Mark said...

Remember the vodka on my netbook incident? I found a replacement keyboard online for $13.87, and the actual "repair" work was something along the lines of 2 minutes.

It happens to the best of us, I assure you - children or drunkenness not withstanding.

Sabra said...

Duh. I do NOT know why it didn't occur to me to simply replace they keyboard. That will be done ASAP; until then any blogging will be done from Erik's computer, as the damage is more extensive than previously thought--my whole top line of numbers is out. I am rather attached to my 10-key number pad on my keyboard.