Friday, May 13, 2011

And...we're back.

Yay, Blogger is working again! Saw a couple of snotty comments from WP peeps while it was down. I actually have a blog on WP. Put my crochet blog over there a while back because it's better with photos than Blogger was at the time (this service has since greatly improved, as you can tell from the way I use photos much more often).  I don't use it, and don't have any interest in migrating this blog over. 

Why?  Simply put, I type too damned fast for WordPress.  I type something like 72WPM, which is actually a lot, and WP cannot keep up with me.  It's not my computer, either--this isn't the only computer I've used WP with, nor the only browser.  I start typing, and my cursor and words disappear from the screen, and eventually the whole damned thing freezes up and I have to wait for it to catch up with me.  Or not.  Which actually happens quite frequently.  So, WP and I are not friends, and never will be.

And don't even get me started on Tumblr...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a day's worth of comments to make, providing those posts haven't disappeared as my own from the 12th did.  I'll be back in a little bit with fresh ice cream, and maybe that last bit of my brilliance will return of its own free will.


Charlene said...

I actually once typed 90 wpm on a manual [not electric] typewriter! Not so much any more though WORD nor blogger ever keeps up.

You're ampitious to try to replicate all your comments.

Sabra said...

Oh, I'm not trying to recreate them, just comment on posts that I wasn't able to yesterday.