Tuesday, February 01, 2011

To make up for the last couple of posts' darkness

I realized when I posted a big ol' pic of Marie a little ways down that I hadn't actually shared that much of her.  Which is funny, considering how many photos I have.  I've been taking as many pix of her, easily, as I did of Bobbie.  Waiting 5 years in between kids really restarts things.  (And, as MattG recommended, I do indeed take video of her frequently as well.  With a Sony CyberShot, coincidentally.)

To keep this from becoming too much, I've made a slide show on Photobucket which I'll post momentarily; I'm also going to throw some individual photos up after the break.  If I do anything well, it's make cute babies.

I did my best to have the photos in this go in chronological order, starting with 3 before she was even born.  No birth photos.  Erik was smart enough not to document that event.


This is just a couple of days old.  She has the sweetest smile, and she rewards me with them frequently.

I love this girl in white!

One of those pix where you don't know what you've taken until after the shutter clicks. It makes me laugh so hard.

Sometimes I manage to overcome my simmering hatred of pink.

Other times, though, I go in the opposite direction.

She mastered the death stare quite early.

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