Saturday, February 26, 2011

Somewhat-Obscure Music Saturday

First up, Turnpike Troubadours. Didn't realize until I was listening to the Texas Red Dirt Roads show on KFWR last Sunday that these guys have done a lot of songs I really like (you know how it is if you just casually listen to a song & don't bother finding out who does it):

Bleu Edmondson, next. Newish song of his. Dunno if he's released a single since this one, but if so I haven't heard it played:

Next, Stoney LaRue doing a cover of "Midnight Rider". Apparently, this dude will cover anybody and everybody--there are videos on YouTube of him singing songs from everyone from the Charlie Daniels Band to the Black Crowes to Pink Floyd.

The last one is from The Lost Immigrants, whom I absolutely adore. I found a handful of their videos on YouTube, but they're all fairly old and the sound quality sucks (which is sad, since it seems they do one hell of a version of "Six Days on the Road"). So this is from MySpace music, "Judgement Day", off their new album Pasaporte, which I am going to buy the next time I'm at Lone Star Music (and hopefully one of these days they'll be close enough for me to go see when I'm not heavily pregnant and/or lacking a way home from the concert):

Find more artists like Lost Immigrants at Myspace Music

(And since I know the lead singer haz teh Google-fu: Look, James, I did indeed name my next daughter partly for your song "Evangeline"!)

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