Thursday, February 03, 2011


Y'all up in the frozen north ain't got nothin' on us here in San Antonio.  Word on the street is that we're in for up to two inches of the white stuff.  **nods, badass-fashion**

This has been the talk of the town--well, if you define town as "folks on the news"--all week long, even back when our chance of precip. tonight was roughly 10% (it was 50% last I heard).

This is the current radar picture, courtesy of

Surprisingly enough, school has not been called for tomorrow on the mere threat of snow.  I had kind of figured it would be.

Not wanting to deprive my kids of a snow day if at all possible, I did a search for "snow day superstitions" and came upon this article.  We don't have a white crayon, which just may do us in, as I am told it is indispensable.

But the girls have done their best otherwise.  Copious amounts of ice cubes have been flushed (well, okay, one per child).  Pennies are in the freezer (and believe me, I was very clear with the five-year-old on which to flush and which to put in the freezer!).  White socks are on right feet, toothpaste is on noses, and they have run around the table a good twenty times or more.  Oh, and of course their jammies are on inside out, and there will be a spoon under the pillow as they go to bed.

We've done our part.  I apologize in advance for the blizzard which is sure to result.

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