Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pointless Fun

This is a meme I got from Facebook that I'm having way too much fun with.  To wit:

1 - Go to and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.  (I'm using the German version.)
2 - Go to and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 - Go to and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover.  All the photos I'm finding there are copyrighted, so I'm going to take the first random photo from Stumbleupon that isn't. (Not, sadly, that I can be positive on this. I did make sure not to choose photos obviously copyrighted, anyhow.)
4 - Use Photoshop or similar GIMP to put it all together.
5 - Post it with this text in the caption.



There will probably be actual content here later on.


peter said...

I got a very complicated name for a band when I hit random:
2004–05 Segunda División B Play-off
lol I don't think that quite works.

peter said...

How about a band named Coublanc and the album title is Tell Me What You Know. That's from Ralph Waldo Emerson. The whole quote is "I hate quotes. Tell me what you know."