Friday, January 07, 2011

Quote of the week--hell, of the MONTH

Normally I wouldn't blog this, as I e-mailed it to JayG for a DGC post, and the guy also covered it, but I cannot resist this quote from the story in today's paper:

[Police Chief William McManus] said he doesn't know what burglars typically might be thinking when they break into a home, “but they should be thinking, ‘This could be the last home I break into.'”
(Emphasis mine, of course.)

That's pretty much what we've been saying all along, ain't it?

Bonus destroyed Antis meme: this happened in one of the nicer neighborhoods in the city--nice enough for the shooting homeowner to be a member of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas.  See, crime does happen everywhere.  (Anyone wanna take bets as to whether the string of robberies in the neighborhood is now ended?)


Anonymous said...

“but they should be thinking, ‘This could be the last home I break into.'”

You know why I love Texas? Because our law enforcement officers say things like this.

SpeakerTweaker said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the post, but I'm compelled to point a couple things out.

First, the invasion did not occur in the full-blown ghetto, but I'd hardly call that even a nicer neighborhood. I used to work near there. I would not walk that neighborhood at night. To reinforce your point, however, I will offer up the daytime home invasion that occured a couple years ago around Christmas in The Dominion (highest-end living south of Dallas). Sumdood only got golf-clubbed, but it's a home invasion just the same.

Second, while I admire McManus' position here, I'd hardly knight him. His infinite wisdom nearly brought having a beer missing from a six-pack container into open-beverage-container status. Like many other's, he's guilty of wanting to make stuff more illegaler.

Excellent points otherwise, though.