Friday, October 22, 2010

Semi-Guilty Pleasure Friday Night

The guilty pleasure lies not in liking Kathy Mattea in general or this song in particular, but in how cheesy and BAD this video is.

I have always loved cars.  Comes from having a dad who was a mechanic and who restored cars on a regular basis.  He had a Model T back in the day, but the first car of his I remember riding in was one of these (a '67 T-bird), only without the asinine door mod.  At the same time he had one of these--a 1966 Mustang Fastback.  The last car of his I remember was a 1947 Cadillac, heavily modified.

For some reason, upon seeing it, the first thing everyone said was, "Hey, that's a Buick, right?"

Let's compare the two for a second:

1947 Cadillac:


1947 Buick:


Now, I'm no gear-head, but the difference is obvious to even the most untrained eye, yes?

And for the record, the first car I ever drove on a regular basis was one of these:

I honestly don't remember the year on it, but this looks about right.  Only, ours was red outside of the wood paneling.  Ooh, what a sweet little thing she was.  V-8, all leather, power everything (which was great 'til stuff started shorting out).  The start of my love affair with station wagons.  I miss her...

I guess that's the guilty pleasure for this late-Friday night.


suz said...

I miss the station wagon, too! ('77 Pontiac) My favorite car in recent years is the Magnum, marketed toward men, and NOT a big hit. Am I a nerd?

the pistolero said...

Would I do nasty things to sheep for that Mustang? Let me sleep on that... ;-)

Borepatch said...

Cheesy yes, with the Ronettes and bad lip sync, but I like this song better than the one I posted.