Friday, October 22, 2010

The Texas Rangers are Assholes

This was in my news feed on Facebook.  Might be a bit hard to read (and I hate having to click to make larger), so I'll recap:

Since the Rangers hit whatever the heck level of the playoffs they are currently in--are you getting the impression I'm not much of an MLB fan?--Taco Cabana has been running a Facebook promotion where they give away free tacos anytime the Rangers win a game.

The Rangers just sent TC's a cease-and-desist letter.

Granted, on the one hand Taco Cabana was using the Rangers to promote themselves.  On the other, they were also using themselves to promote the Texas Rangers.  I had no freaking clue the Rangers were one step away from the World Series before Taco Cabana told me they were.  And it's not as though the promotion is costing the Rangers a damned thing.  But they decided to get their panties in a wad anyway.

I was cheering the the sort of half-assed way I cheer any non-San Antonio team, at any rate.  But I know where my loyalty lies.  In the realm of the beany goodness that is the Cabana Bowl.  So, rock on, TC's!  And as for the Rangers--I hope you are just as happy at the end of the road as the Cowboys are right now.  And just as successful.


TOTWTYTR said...

It's not just the Rangers, MLB in general tightly controls use of teams logos, names, and other intellectual property.

I really can't blame the Rangers or MLB for this.

I love TC and try to hit at least one when I'm in Texas. Still, they are a large enough company that they should know the rules about using another outfits logos.

Being a Red Sox fan, I'm counting on the Rangers to be the Damn Yankees and move on to the World Series.

Dave said...

Yea, TC should have known better but I really think the way they handled it was quite cool. In the end, they come out supporting the team and looking smart where as former MLB fans like me remember exactly why it is we stopped watching baseball years ago.

Eowyn said...

Bwahahahaah. I love the comment "if you're feeling happier than someone in NY might" ... (even if I have to paraphrase because 0620 is too darned early)