Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I'm just now reading Sunday's paper

And this is why I haven't mocked this before now.


Poverty AFFECTS.

To quote from the lovely website Learn Your Damn Homophones:

Your horrendous grammar affects the quality of your input as an interlocutor.

Your grammar’s effects are so unspeakable that you should be prosecuted at The Hague.


Albatross said...

"Effect" also has a more-seldom-used verb form that means "to cause to come into being, to make happen".

If you read it that way, the ad is stating that poverty results in the existence of over 210,000 more San Antonians than before.

Talk about your welfare babies.

suz said...

THANK YOU! They say that language evolves. Ours is imploding. Great link.

AlanDP said...

They forgot "poring" and "pouring." That one drives me up the frikkin wall.

Sabra said...

Albatross, I will admit that lesser-known version of effect is what jumped to mind first when I read it.