Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yet more on the bullying thing

Found this via StumbleUpon:

Bullying: The One Right Answer

Lots of smartness there:

 But I also do not subscribe to the theory that a person should simply suck it up, either.  Especially a child.  Especially my child.  I believe that every parent should be outraged if their child is being bullied, regardless of the cause.  Every parent should know it’s not ok, and that they (and their child) are not powerless to it.

Teh smartz is in the comments section too, particularly this one:

I think the issue with the children who have been bullied to the point of suicide is that their parents were not really okay with who they were either. One of the suicides happened pretty close to where my family lives and I can say that the attitudes there about homosexuality and really about gender identity and stereotype are rigid and unmovable. And if a child doesn’t have parents who validate them for being themselves in the face of this torture, then the consequences can be dire. I’m glad to read all of the comments above, and know that there are parents out there like all of you who love and except your kids for who they are at their core. My 15 y.o. self thanks you very much for that.
 Now, it's not that supportive parents are going to make the bullying not matter, but I can see it being the difference between enduring and committing suicide.


suz said...

Damn straight! That's what family is supposed to be all about.

Charlene said...

What suz said. If your family ain't for you, they they ain't family!