Friday, August 06, 2010

Suddenly I feel...inadequate

Well, okay, not really.

I came across an ad on I Can Haz Cheeseburger featuring this young lady:

This lady has a 30HH bra size.  Granted cup-wise I'm pretty near that (their sizes are a bit strange, & I don't know my exact size at the moment, since pregnant = growing), but dang!  My band size is a full 10" greater, so I'm more in proportion.

And yet she's apparently able to find properly fitting button-down clothing, something I've not been able to do in well over a decade.

I need to win the lottery and visit England.  (British women are, apparently, bosomy as all get-out.)

I do feel a bit less freakish now.


peter said...

They don't look nearly that big to me. Hard to believe that there are women with boobs that big.

Charlene said...

Measuring your adequacy against a woman in an ad, seems self silly, no? Yes?

Sabra said...

'Twas merely a joke, Charlene. I don't really feel inadequate at all; it just startled me to see, as in the ad she is shirtless and her proportions were rather startling.

I do not frequently come across more generously-endowed women than I.

And I really wanna know where she gets her clothes.

Mike W. said...

Wait?! She's shirtless in the original ad?

Why are you holding out on us Sabra? Post it!