Friday, August 06, 2010

What should we vote away next?

I actually could not listen to Rush Limbaugh the day after Proposition 8 was (at least for now) struck down.  I avoid "conservative" squawking on the topic of gay marriage as much as I can.  It's too predictable.  The talking heads are shitting themselves over the "will of the people" being overturned.

To which I pose this question:

Which of your civil rights would you like to put up for a vote?

 The right to keep and bear arms?  The right to privacy?  To peaceful assembly?   To the ability to make an ass out of yourself publicly, on this topic free speech?

I'm pretty sure there are liberals out there who would just love to outlaw, say, the Tea Party.

If it's OK for us to vote away homosexuals' right to get married, it's okay for Leftists to vote away our right to express dissent.  Kant's categorical imperative strikes yet again: You cannot make any moral law to which you hold yourself an exception.  Or, as the saying goes, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

And don't give me that twaddle that gays have the same right to marry a person of the opposite sex that we do.  We are granted the right, with very few exceptions, to MARRY THE PERSON WE LOVE.  It's an important distinction.


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I'm all for the Tea Party to be who they are, and for that distinction to be replecated, broadcast and captured in print to the inth degree.