Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first bit of strangeness for the school year.

I actually think this is fairly innocuous; it just strikes me as a wee bit strange.

Letter from the "Guidance and Counseling Department", titled Elementary School Parent Needs Assessment 2010-2011:

Purpose: The purpose of this needs assessment is to determine the ways in which the school's Guidance and Counseling Program can be of the most service to you and your child/children.

Then, a list:

  1. Providing college and career awareness.
  2. Providing community resources.
  3. Providing post-secondary options.
  4. Assistance for my child during a crisis situation.
  5. Assistance during teacher-parent conferences.
  6. Informational classes for parents.
  7. Support groups for children with specific needs (e.g. family issues, peer pressure, grief, anger, self-esteem, etc.)
  8. Interpreting test scores.
  9. Helping my child with his/her emotional, physical, intellectual, and social well-being.
  10. Helping my child develop study habits and testing skills.
  11. Helping my child deal with family-related issues.
  12. Helping my child deal with drug or alcohol issues.
  13. Helping my child develop decision-making skills.
  14. Other _______
From the list above, find the 3 most important statements that you feel you would like to see the counselors address with your child/children.  Write the numbers of the statements below:
Instead of numbers, I wrote: 
None.  These things are my job as a parent.  Thanks anyway.

I'm not certain whether to be glad that these things are being offered--I recall guidance counselors as being pretty much useless when I was in school--or sad that there are apparently a lot of parents out there who think the school should be in charge of helping their child develop social skills.  Sigh.


suz said...

Your response should be printed at the bottom of the letter, after which the letter should be distributed again!

Charlene said...

Is this why schools are spending salary on more administrators than teachers?

peter said...

Some of them are still useless. The one in my wife's school spends all her time worrying about athletes and none of the other students. If a football player needs help, she's sure to be there for him.
I could understand a child needing help with some of those things if their parents couldn't/wouldn't help, but since they want you to pick, that's a little weird.