Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm having a hard time feeling much sympathy here.

For Lainy Loyola, that is, on account of this:

His former girlfriend, Lainy Loyola, watched the sentencing from a pink wheelchair. Paralyzed when she was ejected from Adkisson's BMW 325i, the petite former cheerleader, now 19, had told a crowded courtroom Monday that she fears nobody will want to marry her.
“It's been horrible,” she said through tears. “Waking up and realizing my legs don't work is the worst thing in the world.
“Who looks at someone in a wheelchair? Before this, I never did.”
I'm speaking specifically of the bolded part.  Who DOESN'T look at someone in a wheelchair?  Spoiled, self-centered bitches, that's who.

Honestly, I don't recall a time I didn't look at people in wheelchairs.  It never occurred to me not to, for Chrissakes.

(And on another note...Honeychile, it's 2010.  Shouldn't you have more concern with your life than whether you can land a husband?)

It also sounds like her ex-boyfriend is a real winner.  He's been in two more wrecks since the one that so seriously injured Miss Loyola, continued to use drugs, and choked another girlfriend.

Faced with all this shit from their son, the Adkissons' response was this:

Adkisson's parents later wept as they blamed his behavior on a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder that resulted from the wreck.
Since the injury, he's been a different, more aggressive person, they both said through tears.
It's simply not their poor little sweet pea's fault, eh?  I'm sure the initial wreck was caused when he was distracted while trying to find a particular Bible passage, and the twice-the-limit BAC result was the result of a single sip of sacramental wine.

Parenting FAIL.


Dave said...

Yea. The cheerleader is a piece of work. Sorry she has to ride a pink wheelchair these days, but she was just as much a part of that party that involved alcohol and drugs too.

The family is still in "poor innocent Junior" mode too. The sister wrote into the comments section of the Express-News trying to defend her brother from people who left comments suggesting the spoiled brat should have gotten more time, especially given his behavior during the time between the wreck and the trial. She was upset that people could be so mean.

Charlene said...

Most gals like the former cheerleader don't want the husbands they find and marry after a few years!

Craig S. Miller said...

This is a sad article, not because of the injuries, which were terrible, but because of the way this is being handled by the legal system. I am sure the spoiled little twat never did give anyone in a wheelchair a second look before this as "freaks" in a wheelchair were not allowed citizenship in her perfect little world. The striking thing to me though, was the statement by the judge "That incarceration would not do Adkisson much good". It is not club med, it is a punishment. Not only does he abuse drugs, cause crippling motor vehicle collisions (note: collision, not accident) but he has choked his current girlfriend out over a cell phone. Maybe this collision was divine intervention to keep a couple of spoiled. irrelevant brats from marrying, reproducing and raising another generation of dysfunctional trash while making life hell for everyone around them. The comments from the judge and parents show that there is a seperate form of justice for the upper middle class and wealthy.