Monday, July 19, 2010

Hey, jackpot!

I write like
Stephen King
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This post of MikeW's prompted this. Not only did I get an author I recognize & like, but one whose writing style I have always admired.  Go me.

(For the record, the writing sample here was from a short story I wrote; a blog sample returned Cory Doctorow.  Although I'm familiar with the name, I can't say that I've read anything by him.)


peter said...

Just found out my history professor writes like George Orwell. I have a copy of his power point that I recorded onto a flash drive and put onto my computer. So I copied and pasted a little about absolutism to see what I'd come up with. Pretty interesting.
I tried to read Cujo once and found it boring. Never tried to read anything else by SK. I'm not into that kind of story anyway.

Mike W. said...

Hey at least you didn't get some guy whose work no one's ever heard of.

thanks for the link.