Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let me help you out here

'Kid prank' leads to fatal shooting in Venice

Sheriff's officials say the situation escalated when Spann, who was unarmed, tackled Verdoni and went for his gun. Verdoni shot Spann twice in the scuffle, killing him in a use of deadly force that raises questions about how such an innocuous situation could turn fatal.
 How could such an innocuous situation turn fatal?  Well, I'm pretty sure tackling a sheriff's deputy so hard you knock his head on the ground and then going for his gun is a good start at an explanation, how 'bout you?

Of course the decedent was a choir boy.  And of course his buddy saw the whole thing (nevermind the shrubs that were in the way) and knows the shooting was unjustified.  And of course there's zero chance alcohol was involved, right?

Harrison said the men were at the pub at midnight, so if the doorbell rang before the 1 a.m. incident it had nothing to do with them. They had been drinking but were not intoxicated at the time they were walking home, he said.
(Emphasis mine, of course.)

So, what lesson should we take away from this, boys and girls?  Howsabout don't get drunk and do stupid shit, and then don't compound the stupid shit by jumping someone and trying to take their gun?

(Ooh, bonus points for further demolishing "the bad guys will only take your gun and use it against you" myth!)

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