Saturday, March 13, 2010

Small things that make me happy

I have been listening to KFWR tonight, lying on Erik's bed on his computer (Spring Break! Whee!).  They just played "Leaving Laredo", by the Lost Immigrants.  If you've been reading my blog since way back in the day, you are already aware of my affection for the Lost Immigrants, particularly their song "Evangeline".

I posted back in 2007 that I had planned to name my fourth baby Evangeline should it be a girl, but I miscarried.  The only comment on that post comes from James Dunning, the band's front man.  I've no idea how he found the post, perhaps through a trackback my link to the video left on YouTube, but his words were very much appreciated at the time.

I didn't make the Sam's Burger Joint concert, having at the time a lack of transportation (I could have *gotten* there on the bus, just not home afterward!), but for a long time I haunted their website in hopes they'd be back in town.  (This is part of why I am so frustrated with the local music scene.  If you look at their tour dates, they're not coming anywhere near here any time soon, which I can't blame 'em for.  There's just not enough of a scene here for it to be worthwhile.)  I don't know the story behind it, but eventually the website stopped being updated; it's obviously been redone, and quite well.

Their music is great, though.  Good Texas music.  Good country music, the real kind.  So it was an absolute thrill to hear them played on KFWR finally a few weeks back, and they are getting more and more airtime, and I see from the tour schedule that they're going to be at the station the beginning of next month, which I am sure will be fantastic.  I wish these guys every success.  With luck I can make either their Pleasonton or Fredericksburg dates.  Definitely the best opportunity for me to pick up a CD, and I have every confidence Erik would be all over it too.

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James Dunning said...

Sabra, thanks again for the kind words and support of the band and the new album. You can hear it now on or buy it online at Of course, I'm partial to you coming out to a show and letting me sell it to you personally. (Heck, I'll even autograph it for you if you're into that.)

Again, thanks for telling others about us and our music!

James Dunning

(FYI, I Google the band a lot; think that's how I found this post and the one from a few years ago. Yeah, I'm a little self-centered like that...)