Friday, March 19, 2010

I will certainly take that into consideration

My profile picture over at Facebook right now is the one of me in this post, where I'm nursing my youngest daughter.  If you've been hanging around me any length of time, you know my feelings on the whole OMG BOOBIES freak-outs some people have.

A friend of mine from high school, a truly sweet woman, just gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.  She posted something today about how breast-feeding is getting easier and mentioning the overwhelming love she has for the wee one.

I commented on the post, because of course I advocate for breast-feeding and try to be supportive but realistic--I mentioned in my first comment that I had some troubles nursing 2 out of 3 kids, but it gets much easier once you leave the hospital.

Come back later on to find this (this is just a small portion--while I have no qualms about identifying the stupid person, I'm not wanting to get the actual friend into anything):

I am, apparently "som trippd out" friend who popped out my bubbies (see, where I'm from, usually Jewish grandmothers are Bubbies, not so much breasts, but hey...) and Monica Salinas now needs to block our mutual friend from her news feed because OMG BOOBIES!

Heaven forbid impressionable young children should be confronted with breasts meeting one of their several pre-approved uses (one of the non-sexual ones, even).  It might interfere with their spelling lesson.


Albatross said...

I have no problem with breastfeeding or with the occasional boob displayed in public. But I do despise the breastfeeding Nazis, a.k.a. La Leche League.

They made my wife feel inferior because she could not produce enough milk to feed our baby, and I have never forgiven them.

P.S.: Good comment on the spelling, though! :-D

the pistolero said...

If you think she's snarky here, Albatross, you should see and hear all the stuff that *doesn't* get posted. I am a lucky, lucky man. ;-)

原諒 said...
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Skippy said...

Well our nation's children have still not recovered from the nightmare that was "Super Bowl Boob 2004" so I guess breastfeeding is scary too.

Anonymous said...

Ironically those are probably the same people who don't mind their children seeing boobies on TV or out in public nearly falling out of a blouse! Good golly, I am pretty certain I bared less chest while nursing my two children than most girls do on a daily basis with their normal clothing!