Sunday, March 08, 2009

ROAD TRIP! *updated*

I have determined that the girls & I are going to have a real vacation this year (it is real, in spite of Linda's insistence that only vacations which involve train rides are real vacations). So we are taking a portion of the tax refund & heading out west. Where, I'm not exactly sure. It's kind of open-ended. We'd originally planned to go up to Austin to meet up with a friend of mine from high school, but it seems that she was mistaken about when her son's Spring Break is. So we're gonna hit I-10 and go straight for a while. Two or three hours' worth of driving once we get out of San Antonio, I figure.

I've got load of snacks, small cans of soda, juice boxes, & el cheapo toys & games from Dollar Tree. Just cleaned out the car. The oil has been changed recently, & I will check all fluid levels tonight. Tomorrow I'll rack the girls out fairly early and give them a carb-heavy breakfast so hopefully they'll zonk out fairly soon after we hit the road. (I've got enough goodies to give them something new every hour, though, in case they don't.) Since I drive a station wagon, I can put one girl in each row of seats, if need be, & keep them from fighting that way. Ah, I will also air up the tires in the morning. I've got extra antifreeze, oil, & jumper cables. My spare tire & jack are both in good repair.

I'm really looking forward to this. I haven't been on a road trip since I lived in Virginia. Bobbie's teacher gave me a funny look when I told her we didn't have a definite destination in mind, but that's half the fun! I'm going to do some looking online in a few. I'll be taking my laptop & my cell phone & chargers for both. Everything's accounted for that can be.


Looks like we're going to Del Rio, y'all. That's what Googling "3 hours west of San Antonio" got me. It's actually out Hwy 90, not I-10, but a) I-10 heads northwest, not due west, & b) there's not a damned thing out I-10 between San Antonio & El Paso except for Kerrville, & I'd like to go a wee bit further than that.

Now I just need to figure out what the hell there is in Del Rio. 'Bout the only thing I know about it is that's where Radney Foster is from (I know this from his album Del Rio, Texas, 1959.) Maybe there's a Radney Foster museum or something, but I somehow doubt it.

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BeautifulWreck said...

You are way more adventurous than me. I could never go on a road trip without definitive plans and a place to stay. Look forward to you posting about your trip!