Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh hells, but does that boy land on his feet.

Robert got the boot from Roto-Rooter two weeks ago today. He just called me from Allied Barton. My ex-husband is now gonna be a rent-a-cop. No word from him on my opinion that he should go ahead & do that while he studies to get TCLEOSE certification. Or on my opinion that when SAPD is hiring, the fake cop route that pays <$10/hr maybe isn't the smartest. (Not that I ever really was a fan of the law enforcement route for him, but he's definitely cut out for the job; even in the Navy he was toying with the idea of going force protection.)

They are apparently gonna be sending him over to work at the Via main offices, which means he will be right across the street from where I go to school. I shall resist the urge to taunt him, though I did point out that damn near everyone who walks past him in that building will be making at least $2/hr more than he is. I also suggested that, while he's over there, he go see if the ACCD "police" are hiring, but he demurred as he does intend to one day be armed security. (Yes, for the eagle eyed, that means that our campus police are basically limited to asking very nicely for folks to stop committing crimes. Thank God, violent crime is low & the city police respond quickly.)

A few more job changes, and the man will be the entire Village People (he already worked in construction back in high school).


Strings said...

Somehow, I think he'll fall short of the indian... ;)

Although, i suppose you could have fun doing a photochop of him...

BeautifulWreck said...

As long as the child support comes on time and that doesn't miss a beat then try not to care. However you can laugh at him.