Sunday, August 17, 2008


The Boys in the Band Ordered Boat Pranks.

You have to read the comments.

This one is my favorite:

We had a shit-talker from Canoe U that was getting the TDU weight-in-the-rack treatment already. About the time we are getting ready to leave I see him in the p-way and comment something about "being packed already?", he says that he has to see the Doc about some paperwork, but some of the guys were nice enough to finish packing his seabag. Spidey sense tingles and I hightail it to berthing to see if I can help. Sure enough there is a concerted effort to make sure that USNA has an adequate supply of TDU weights for the coming academic year. The LELT asks if I would like to make a contribution, and that's when genius strikes. We provide my addition, lockwire the seabag shut, and send it topside.

I never did miss that sock.

(I might just be one of very few females who gets that story.)

The only boat prank I know Rob to have been involved in wound up with him being on restriction for a month. They really do consider such pranks to be hazing these days, at least if someone gets hurt. (The guy they taped up cut the ligament twixt thumb & forefinger with his Boise pocketknife trying to cut the tape.) Sigh. Woulda been a great story but for the fallout.

This stuff is right up there with Skippy's List, though.

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