Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's been one of those weeks.

I got my financial aid award hours ahead of the payment deadline.

I got my check for the excess Pell Grant Thursday. Spent about $500 on books. Got a FULL tank of gas. Eighty-nine octane, even. (And what brilliant soul at Ford decided to make that the recommended grade for the Taurus? I mean, really!)

Turned twenty-nine Tuesday.

Got divorced Thursday. I think. (No way I was gonna be in court for that one when I didn't have to!) I shall wait for the papers in the mail, I guess. Still not happy about it.

Monday, heard the amusing line "I am rapidly approaching the conclusion that you're the only woman for me. No matter how hard I try."

It's been raining here all week. We're now only in a severe drought, as opposed to a really severe one. The burn ban has been lifted. I'ma gonna set me up a bonfire tonight!

I just dyed pink streaks into my hair.

I start school Monday.

I've been a chalice bearer two weeks running at church now. Keep this shit up, they're gonna have to ordain me. Or at least get better coffee.

Last night, I got involved in a discussion about breastfeeding. In a gay bar. I didn't start it. Reminds me of the time when, in the self-same gay bar at about one in the morning, in the midst of a "my husband just filed for divorce" drunken haze, I got into a discussion of home schooling philosophies. (I am told it was a coherent discussion, and that I gave a detailed explanation of Charlotte Mason's philosophy, but everyone else was drunk too, so God only knows.) I didn't start that one, either. There was also a rousing discussion of who, exactly, Obama was going to chose as his VP, and why Biden would be a really bad idea. (This was before we found out it is, in fact, Biden.) We also ripped his contradictory tax policies. This is Sabra when she parties. Exactly the same stuff you get here, but with vodka and lime slices.

Point to ponder: why are there so many straight ex-military men tending bar in gay clubs? Last night we had Robert, an ex-Marine, and Brendon, an ex-sailor.

I'm sure y'all have just been waiting for this update with bated breath. Screw this, go read MattG's blog. He's got some funny stuff there, yo.

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Mark said...

Ok, Pics of hair requested, just for clarification... ;o)