Friday, February 29, 2008

This Makes Me Happy

Matt G has been married 10 years.

My own failed marriage has, oddly enough, made me more appreciative of marriages that do last.

There is a couple in Small Group Bible Study at St Mark's who've been married only a year or two, and who have that Perfect Couple thing going that Rob & I once did.

I want to wrap them in cotton and preserve them.

I'm glad to say I've not turned very bitter, or any more cynical than I ever was.

But I still wish I was in the category of people who get to celebrate their anniversaries. Mine was January 15th, and in a fit of idiocy I called my estranged husband and thanked him for the good years, then burst into tears and hung up on him.

I'm not cut out for this divorce thing.

(And on the off chance you're wondering what happened to the initial last two paragraphs of this post, yeah, I disappeared 'em. 'Cause they weren't really appropriate.)


Mark said...

I was married for 13 years before mental illness forced me to file for divorce. I hope that some day I can once again be a part of something greater than just myself, but it's not looking that way.

muse said...

oooh, "the anniversary thank you forthe good years." but added and our beautiful sons. I wrote mine and sent it with a mixed CD. 24 years, here but there are actually days I don't think of him at all.