Friday, February 29, 2008

Screw you too, McCain.

Barack Obama & Hilary Clinton are both in town today. Obama is at the Verizon Wireless Ampitheater & Clinton somewhere at Hemisfair Plaza. These are their second visits in two or three weeks.

Huckabee was here last week, at St Mary's, using the same hall Clinton had earlier used. (Oh, and while I have nothing but respect for the Archbishop, merely saying that abortion is an "unspeakable evil" isn't enough to not want Clinton on your university; if your position is a moral one you ought to be able to cogently rebut someone on the other side, & there are plenty of great anti-abortion arguments out there. Just sayin'.)

McCain? He came earlier this week. To USAA (which, of course, is not open to the general public). For a news conference.

Geez, can you guess who has the nomination all sewn up?

If I've got to put up with fellow parishioners comparing Obama to Christ (I am NOT making that up; it happened three weeks ago in Small Group Bible Study), I ought to at least be able to go to the rally for the candidate of my choice. Or, as Duncan Hunter is already long gone, a rally for John McCain. Who obviously doesn't give a damn about San Antonio voters.

The good news is, you can vote "uncommitted" in the Republican Presidential primary here. Not that I did. Because for some reason, even though I legally changed my name nine farking years ago and updated my voter registration when I moved back to Texas, some beauracrat (sorry, I cannot for the life of me spell that) with infinite wisdom decided I was stealing my own identity and inactivated my voter registration. Which of course I knew nothing about until I was attempting to cast my ballot. And of course the Secretary of State voters' rights office or whatever the hell it is isn't answering its phone. Assholes.

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Strings said...

You know, every time I hear an Obama speech, I'm reminded of Hitler.

No, not his message. But the charisma, and the almost cult-like following he's developed.

This election truly frightens me...