Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New rule for next time.

As I alluded to in the comment thread of another of my posts, I'm in no hurry to date. But that hasn't stopped me from joking about it on occasion.

I'm a rather hard girl to please.

For instance, where on Earth am I going to find another conservative man who's honestly not the slightest bit homophobic? Without hanging around Libertarian Party conventions, that is. (Sidenote to that: Never publicly declare yourself a Republican whilst half-drunk in a gay bar.)

I've also made the joke that for my next husband I think I'll have to take a bitter, divorced Chief. Then I realized I was describing my husband's ex-roommate Barksdale and shuddered before sparing a fond thought for his Trans-Am.

Maybe next time I'll have to date only guys with good cars. Rob drove an Escort when I met him. I remember discussing with a friend of mine whether the cowboy hat taking up most of the rear windshield was a good thing or a bad thing. I briefly flirted with a guy who had a '63 or so Impala. I confess, it was all about the car in that relationship.

But there is one definite, incontrovertable new rule for the men I might date in the future:

They have to know who Bob Wills was.

Years ago, when we lived in Hampton Roads, I learned that Asleep at the Wheel was coming to town. As we made plans to go, I enthused happily for some time about their covers of old songs by Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys. (Even now, you are humming "Big Ball's in Cow Town." Admit it.) I started reeling off songs to a blank look from my husband. Turns out, though he's somewhat acquainted with Asleep at the Wheel's western swing work, he thought they were the original artist.

Never. Again.


muse said...

I like the Bob Wills measuring tape, can I use it? I love to dance to the traditional country bands but they are getting harder to find. If you haven't checked them out yet-go dancing to Bobby Flores or Jake Hooker-not really Bob Wills or Earnest Tubb caliber but good traditionalists who still play the likes of J. Bush, and R. Price, even some C. Pride.

Mark said...

Just keep looking. I've been looking for 3 years, and still looking, just keep on keeping on ....

Lea said...

Your setting great boundaries! Good for you! On a more serious note... I've been checking in since Sept and must say my heart is breaking for you... there is this mom part of me that wants to come and cook you a big meal, watch the girls so you can soak in a hot tub and drink Fuzzy Navels with you while we trash all the negative parties involved.... since I am in NC and not TX... I'll just say what I said in Sept on your other blog...I'm praying for you!

JFBreak said...

For instance, where on Earth am I going to find another conservative man who's honestly not the slightest bit homophobic?

There are lots of us out here but we are married. Or military. Or both.