Friday, November 16, 2007


I'll not bore you with the details of our court time yesterday, but the outcome is this: Hearing for final orders set for 20th Dec, and until then I have custody of the girls from Sunday evenings through Friday mornings, and Robert has visitation with them from Friday mornings until Sunday evenings. Note the wording there; it was a neat little coup on my lawyer's part, & one I don't think the other guy really noticed.

I hope to get final orders settled without a hearing, as this is almost exactly what I asked for before.


muse said...

Awesome News-Lawyers can be such tricky-dickies, can't they

Mark said...

Been trying to find the right words, without seeming trite. I hope and pray this can come to a good conclusion, even though I know this isn't what you wish for, you must fight what is best for your kids.