Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Feh. This shit again?

Once upon a time I went to the Bexar County Courthouse with Robert, and we went to the basement & got a marriage license.

It's a lot harder to end a marriage than to start one. Not that I want the end, as I've said, but I've little choice in the matter.

We were supposed to have a custody hearing 18th October. Then 22nd October. Then today (6th November). Now, we're looking at the 15th November. I'm getting sick of this crap. Rob's lawyer is just getting sick, apparently. (Yeah, my lawyer verified it.)

In other news, I'm starting to think my father-in-law never really cared for me. He dressed better for the divorce than for the wedding. That might sting if, you know, I gave a damn.

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Mark said...

I'm praying for you and always here to listen to any rants if you feel the need.