Friday, November 02, 2007

White Trash Dinner Theater

That's what my life has become. Again, I don't feel comfortable getting too detailed. But I've found myself in the position where a) I am receiving friendly greetings from more than one man in CID at the Bexar County Sheriff's Office and b) I'm having to repeat the story of my husband leaving me again & again.

I swear to God, every time I hear myself say, "He moved out of our trailer into my cousin's trailer" I hear Flatt & Scruggs in the background. (Dueling Banjos, anybody?)

God bless those of you in law enforcement who have to deal with us rednecks every day.

My prayers are with the folks in Philly who just lost one of their own. I hope y'all find that bastard & hang 'im. (Hey, if we can't do lethal injections anymore, maybe the rope will make a comeback.)


Mark said...

Why were you at the CID? If I may be so bold to ask?

SpeakerTweaker said...

Hey, maybe they'll film an episode of "COPS" there one day;)

Nice to see your sense of humor again.


muse said...

??? Are they asking you this on first dates?
That's horrible!
Whatever happened to polite benign dinner conversations? I think you should come up with just one answer to this question-devise your answer so that it won't put the gentleman you're with on the defensive. (They are all members of the good ole boy's club and will secretly side with your ex anyway)

Good Luck to you.

scalpel said...

But can you ride a mechanical bull while drinking a Lone Star? :)

Sabra said...

Muse, I'm not dating. No interest in it right now (apart from the fact that I'm not actually divorced). But I've had to tell the story to any number of law enforcement officers and lawyers and social workers and other official sorts. I skipped my high school reunion in part not to have to be telling the story all night long, but 10 years makes folks want to catch up, so I'm telling a foreshortened version of the whole mess a lot to old friends, as well.

Scalpel, no mechanical bulls in me. I'm, ah, rather too blessed in some areas to go for the jerking around of a mechanical bull. I'm more of a Shiner girl anyway.

Matt G said...

I hadn't realized that it'd gotten that dirty. Detectives are interviewing you?

Sabra said...

Yeah, Matt, it's gotten that dirty. Not between Rob & I per se...the issues have been caused by the people he is living with right now. I'm trying real hard to keep the two things as separate as possible, but they cannot help but infringe upon one another.