Friday, August 03, 2007

This is going to be a long nine months.

I found out about this pregnancy very early on; I tested as soon as I was certain I was late. This is odd for me, as in the past I haven't found out until I was about six weeks or more along.

I sat down earlier and wrote up a birth plan. Opinions on these things vary widely amongst hospital staff, but I'm going to do my best to avoid those who disdain them altogether. I mainly wanted to get it in writing that I'm a hard stick. It would be really nice to not get a vein blown in both my arms by nurses trying to run an IV. (And I do solemnly swear that in the distant future when I finally make it to and through nursing school that if I'm not good at getting IV sticks I will admit this and call in someone more skillful whenever possible.)

I need to sit down with some of my large collection of baby name books and make a preliminary list of boys' names. Only boys; I have a good girl's name, though I reserve the right to change my mind.

I need to hit my insurance company's website & make a list of doctors & another of midwives fairly near me and then start calling them to see who's accepting new patients.

I'm already working on a girl's coming home outfit. I'm crocheting a skirt onto a newborn t-shirt that I never used with Esther, and plan to make coordinating booties, cap, and poncho. (I'm adding a poncho because the shirt is kind of plain on its own.) Because I am obsessive like that, I also have three big sister outfits to make, and a baby blanket.

I have also promised my cousin Becky, who is expecting her sixth, that I'd make a few things more for her (I've already handed over the blanket I made her), and I can't let that fall by the wayside.

I need to make a list of all the stuff we need to buy. I'm angry again at the neighbors who stole our baby swing. That was a damn expensive swing, and the bottom-feeders of course ruined it. (I was going to steal it back until I saw just what a mess they'd made of it. Note to self: in the future, when something is stolen, call and make a police report, so if it turns up again you can follow up.) I know I need a swing and a new car seat and some baby clothes.

I really hope this one's another girl, so I don't have to buy quite so many clothes.

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Mark said...

Had the problem with the nasty neighbors before. Solution was actually really simple, just had our contact info engraved with a dremel tool on the car seats, the swing, the playpen, the portable crib, and used permanent marker on all the blankets and pads and everything else. Made it VERY obvious, and suddenly noone had a desire to take my kids stuff any more. Of course I shouldn't have HAD to do that in the first place, but there is always going to be someone who thinks they are entitled to something someone else has. Praying for you and the little one inside ya. Plus hubby and the other littles.