Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Change of plans.

I'm not going to be going to nursing school any time soon, unfortunately.

Poor Robert is now going on a diet, and talking about the Army.

Things will be OK, as I know that children are a blessing, but this was unplanned as it gets.


Mark said...

So I'm guessing that befuddled congratulations are in order? from a Father of 7 only one of whom was planned, all I can say is, the kids have been both my biggest bane and my biggest enjoyment. and I wouldn't trade them or what they've done to my ife for anything. Unless of course you have lucy lawless dressed up as Xena running around... :)

MarlaQuack said...

Nice Blog!


Sabra said...

Befuddled, yes, Mark I like that word when it comes to this.

At least I am finally having a child in Texas, where I have free access to the Tex-Mex food I've craved the last three times.

Mark said...

Ahhh, food. Good food is always necessary. When you start getting the craving for jalapeno poopers and ranch dressing though there is no substitute for Sams Club. :)

Mark said...

That should be jalapeno PoPpers