Sunday, August 05, 2007

Is it too much to ask?


I let my cousin & her husband drive my car when they need to, as they don't have one. All I ask in return is some gas and some consideration.

I don't like going out to my car to find all the windows rolled down and the car unlocked. I keep my purse in the car (out of sight, on the floorboard) because I'd forget it otherwise. The folks down at the end of the row have already shown a predeliction for stealing my stuff.

I've got power windows & locks, so it's not like I'm asking for a lot of effort.

Still doesn't beat the time they not only left it unlocked with the windows down but left the hatch up as well. (Thankfully, my stuff was in the house that time.)

I'm also not too happy (with myself) that I forgot the HEB bag in the car and the frozen breakfast sausage--an all-important protein source--was out there for several hours. Morning sickness has hit in full-force, and it makes my brain fuzzy.

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Mark said...

I live in a very nice area out in the county, basically I'm in the sticks about a mile from the city limits. I leave the key in my truck but I always roll up the windows, but I leave the rear window open into the camper shell. On the suburban though windows up and locked, same for the jeep and the RV. Only had one person try to get something out of my truck once and the dog plus me with a .45 auto, according to the sherrifs office he was suspected in several break ins, and once he KNOWS he'll get his hide perforated he NEVER goes back to an area. I haven't seen him again, and had no problems in the 3 years since.